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Traditional Funerals
The American funeral has changed more in the past few years than in the prior fifty years. It used to be that the "Traditional Funeral" was pretty much the same. A wake or visitation period, which lasted anywhere from one to three days, followed by a church service and burial in the cemetery. Yet today, there is no such thing as a "Traditional Funeral".


People are choosing funeral services that are more reflective of the person and fit the lifestyle of the family. And with more and more ethnic groups living in our city, traditional funerals now incorporate many of the customs and ceremonies of different cultures. In any given year, Cheshire Family Funeral Home will conduct funeral services for Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu families, not to mention families that opt for non-religious, humanistic services. Given the diverse group of families that we serve and the different options that we provide, there are many choices available when it comes to a funeral.

Understanding Cremation
Many families today are choosing cremation. All funeral homes advertise "cremation services", but don't be fooled! Practically all area funeral homes use common, multiple user, off-site industrial crematories to handle their cremations. Cheshire Family Funeral Home utilizes the services of Tri-State Crematory, owned and operated by Lisa McKenna, wife of CFFH owner Tristan McKenna. This private, close-to-premise crematory ensures you the highest standards of care, comfort and accountability. Being affiliated with an actual crematory operator serving more cremation families every year than the majority of all other area funeral homes, we know all there is to know about cremation, and would like to share that knowledge with you so you can be an informed consumer. Please attend one of our free monthly cremation seminars or, with our "open door" policy, drop by anytime and we would be proud to give you a private tour of our operation and discuss the services of Tri-State Crematory.

We are also capable of serving your pet cremation and burial needs. Cheshire Family Funeral Home is proud to offer these equally important services, including pet caskets and cremation urns, and a partnership with Ashfield Pet Crematory . Please call or email us for more information.

Signature Services
We offer many ways to help families personalize and customize a funeral or memorial service. Personalization not only provides a special way to remember a loved one, it also allows those present to participate in the ceremony. In addition to our Signature Service Items, we welcome the opportunity to discuss other options as well to assist you in creating a truly memorable service.



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